WFH Wednesday Vol. 5

Spreading out meetings to avoid meeting-heavy days
Business Insider recently published an interesting article highlighting the extreme increase of meetings as a result of everyone working from home. People are actually spending more than double of their time in meetings, so if you feel like you've been bombarded with meetings since the pandemic started, you're definitely not alone. However, there are definitely ways to fix this, and in turn improve your work-life balance (goodbye weekend work days!). If you get invited to a meeting on a day with an excessive amount of meetings already, definitely bring it up to your boss to suggest having it on a less busy day, or if you're the one scheduling the meeting, definitely consider a lighter day to have it. 

Don't Zoom and Drive
Yes, we've officially reached the point in the pandemic where people are taking Zoom meetings while driving and using a virtual background to cover it up. The Ohio senator would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for that pesky seat belt. We've got to at least give him credit for being safe (as safe as you can be while taking a virtual meeting in the car...)

6 Outlet Wall Charger
Between your phone charger, computer, second screen, and anything else electronic that you're using at your desk, it can get pretty cluttered. Lucky for you, we found this awesome 6 outlet wall charger that is perfect for keeping all your cords together safely and easily. It's available for just 19.99 on Amazon. 


Panera Copycat Mac and Cheese
When we think of comfort food, one of the first things to come to mind is the creamy, delicious mac and cheese from Panera. When we stumbled upon this copycat recipe, recently, we simply had to share it with all of you. It's just 6 ingredients and is so easy to make. 

14 Best Zoom Practices

We stumbled upon this article that highlights some awesome ways to improve your overall Zoom experience such as ways to reduce Zoom Fatigue (Besides using DigiCards) and how to reduce lag on Zoom calls. It's a super awesome and informative article!  

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